Create high-performing leadership teams that are excited and aligned in what they do together

The nature of leadership is that leaders don’t function alone. Sometimes the mix of personalities and approaches in a leadership team just doesn’t gel. Even highly skilled leaders can find themselves struggling with a team culture that just isn’t working for them or their business.

Have your leadership team become stuck? Are you frustrated with the slow pace and low follow-through? Are there cliques forming within your team undermining progress?

Problems in Leadership Team Alignment

Leaders often find they don’t have the confidence, skills, frameworks, experience or time in their day to support their team. They compare themselves to other leaders who seem to have everything under control without understanding that almost everyone has internal struggles with some aspects of leadership.

When faced with challenges, leaders may avoid meetings, important discussions, decisions and taking action. They withdraw instead of providing direction, resolution and outcomes. The team invariably starts to lose faith in the leader and begin to undermine progress. Bickering, opposition and a failure to move forward often ensue.

This is where we at Leadership Creativity help. We support leaders to gain clarity, uplift their capability and build confidence to align their team to deliver business results.

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Why alignment is critical for leadership teams

There’s no single approach to leadership that will work for every team or individual. People are complex so leaders must adjust their style and approach for each individual and each team.

On paper, a team can look amazing, but when they come together the sum of the individuals just doesn’t equal high-performance. Maybe there’s a power imbalance, personality clash or values misalignment between the members that causes ongoing friction. Whatever the cause, it’s hard to break the pattern and turn things around without help.

Our leadership team alignment program is designed to rapidly change the dynamic creating alignment and high-performance.

Our Leadership Team Alignment Approach

Our tailored Leadership Team alignment program has four phases.

At each stage your dedicated consultant will support and coach your leaders on improving both their individual performance and the wider team dynamics. They will understand how to remove the ‘difficult’ and have more productive supportive conversations. This will shift the leaders from being reactive to constructive, creating a high-performing leadership team.


When teams are in distress, it can be challenging to uncover what’s really going on. There will be varying opinions. Our first step is to understand what is challenging for the leaders and their key stakeholders.


Each leadership team alignment program is designed to resolve the specific leadership gaps and challenges. Together we tailor the content and structure of the program to meet your specific needs.


As the leaders step through the program they will agree and align, improving their leadership dynamic. The agreed approach and expectations of each other will be documented in their strategic plan – a living document that binds the team around a common purpose and approach.


We provide the leaders with a mentor for on-going support ensuring the improvements are embeded into their day-to-day roles. This provides a safe space to release stress, discuss issues and identify opportunities with an external leadership expert.

Leadership Services

Your project and joint venture program will utilise a combination of our high value leadership services tailored to your specific needs.

Strategic Planning

Achieve superior outcomes with highly interactive and collaborative strategic planning workshops.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Experience rapid growth in your leadership capability with one-on-one or group coaching and mentoring with one of our founders.

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Leadership Masterclasses

Experience significant transformation across your team with a series of Masterclasses that give your team the skills, tools and behaviours required to get the very best results.

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Workshop Facilitation

Get more out of your workshops by leaving the facilitation to our experts. Free up your own time to be able to participate fully as we look after the flow, focus and outcomes, and ensure that your team is fully engaged.

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