Leadership alignment is fundamental for a strong, focused and high-performing business. Ensuring your leaders are working cohesively towards shared goals and objectives is critical for sustained success.

Your outcomes are our focus.

We are Leadership Creativity

Great leadership is the foundation of business success. Working with an empathetic, creative and driven leader lifts our engagement and passion for what we do – on the flip side, it is soul-crushing when we are working with or for a leader who has the opposite approach and behaviours.

We help leaders develop their skills, behaviours and capabilities, supporting them to improve their performance, the performance of their teams and the performance of the business.

Our expert consultants each have over 20 years commercial leadership experience and over 10 years as coaches and mentors to executives and leaders across the globe. You and your team will be mentored by the best, to become the best.

Highly Targeted Programs – Driving Exceptional Outcomes

Focused Leadership Services – Delivering Leadership Excellence

Strategic Planning

Achieve superior outcomes with highly interactive and collaborative strategic planning workshops.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Experience rapid growth in your leadership capability with one-on-one or group coaching and mentoring with one of our founders.

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Leadership Masterclasses

Experience significant transformation across your team with a series of Masterclasses that give your team the skills, tools and behaviours required to get the very best results.

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Workshop Facilitation

Get more out of your workshops by leaving the facilitation to our experts. Free up your own time to be able to participate fully as we look after the flow, focus and outcomes, and ensure that your team is fully engaged.

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Meet the Team

Our founders, Anna Saunders and Craig Morris, bring a wealth of experience and expertise to Leadership Creativity. They use that extensive commercial leadership experience to shift the performance of business leaders, helping them realign around a common purpose.

Clients who work with Anna and Craig experience significantly improved business results. They develop absolute clarity around their strategy and the confidence to align their teams to deliver.


Craig helped me raise the bar of what I thought was achievable as a business owner both professionally and personally.
Tony Foreshew
Managing Director / Owner
Foreshew Strata
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Anna had a great impact on me from the very first session.
Ajay Manchandani
NBN Systems Engineering & Operations
Service Portfolio Manager
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