Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important for leaders and business partners to be aligned?
Alignment in a leadership team is critical for the success of any organisation. Alignment ensures that the key leaders within the company are working cohesively toward common goals and objectives.
What are the symptoms of leader misalignment?
When leaders aren’t aligned either with each other or the direction of the business, they display signs of frustration, unhappiness and disengagement. As a result, energetic and enthusiastic leaders become disillusioned and negative.

If misalignment is not addressed, leaders can become openly combative with each other, openly bickering and gossiping behind each other’s back. Team members often feel the need to ‘pick a side’ which spreads the negativity. The focus shifts to point-scoring and political victories rather than delivery. Decisions stall and can be re-prosecuted multiple times.

If left to fester, the team and business culture will be impacted resulting in low productivity, low engagement and high turnover.
My company has already delivered a leadership program and we didn’t get great results, what makes Leadership Creativity different?
We understand the frustration of paying for leadership development and seeing nothing change when people return to their day-to-day.

Our principals each have over 20 years commercial leadership experience across multiple industries, geographies and organisations. Since starting Leadership Creativity in 2014, we have helped thousands of leaders across hundreds of business dramatically improve their leadership approach and skills.

When you work with us, you get the principals. There are no second-tier coaches in our business.

We specialise in tailored programs that target the specific needs of your leaders and business. There are no standard ‘leadership 101’ courses. We prioritise the areas of focus that will deliver you the most value. We focus on providing practical and easily implementable strategies, skills and approaches.

We have taken many teams and businesses from low-performance to high-performance and deliver the strategies and mindset required to acheive outstanding results. We understand the challenges you are facing and the path to fix them FAST. Our approach is not just based on theory, we have lived it ourselves.
What is the typical duration of your programs?
We are unique in offering tailored and targeted programs designed specifically for you. The duration of your program will depend on your needs, the specific issues you want to address, and the availability of your people.

Your program will be developed in consultation with you to ensure we maximise results for your investment.

There are no lock-in contracts, we focus on results.
How will I find the time to develop my leaders when we are already so busy?
The only way to enact change and improve performance is to make it your focus. Removing your leaders from the day-to-day grind will refocus them on what is truly important in their role as a leader. The result is increased productivity and performance.

We have found that when leaders in business are extremely busy, our programs have the greatest immediate impact. We specialise in tailored programs that target the specific needs of your leaders and business. We prioritise the areas of focus that will deliver you the most value.
Can your services be delivered remotely?
All of our services can and have been delivered remotely. There are benefits in holding group sessions in person whenever possible.
How much do your programs cost ?
As our services are tailored, we will set up an initial discussion with you to understand your requirements. We will then provide you with a proposal detailing the program approach, content and costs.

Leadership development costs are a tax deductible expense. There are also a wide range of government grants available for businesses in specific categories which offset the overall cost of our services.
Why would I use Leadership Creativity over a major consultancy company?
Other consultancies will roll out highly experienced consultants in the sales phase to win your business. Once the program commences, second-tier less experienced and skilled consultants deliver the content.

When you work with Leadership Creativity, you get our principals. You are not a number to us – our success is based on your success. Our clients love that we have real life experience in similar environments and that we provide a service focused on their outcomes. We limit the number of clients we engage at any given time to ensure we provide a consistently high level of focus on each and every client.
How do you know what my business really needs?
We specialise in supporting businesses to transform their way of working in order for them to move to the next level of growth. When businesses engage us, we start by reviewing current-state. This review and assessment allows us to tailor a solution customised to the individual business and it’s people, so we can prioritise the areas that will deliver the highest impact in the shortest time.
Who else have you worked with?
We have helped transform a variety of businesses from small through to corporate and government with revenues ranging from tens of thousands to many millions AUD across a variety of industries including engineering, construction, property development, architects, logistics, I.T. services, financial services, trades, real estate, recruitment, government, professional services, manufacturing, medical and NFPs. We also work with many corporate executives and business owners.

Major clients include nbn, Boral, Nestle, ARUP, SMEC, Bluescope, AMP, Amazon, NSW Government, UNSW, UTAS, Shell Energy.
SME business clients include BPS, Robson Civil, Seymour Whyte/Downer JV, Innovatus Projects, D.Frame Electrical, Access Law Group, DBC Group, Trifalga, 360HR, BayleyWard.
Medical clients include Rozelle Total Health, Grove Medical, Mooney Street Medical, Riverstone Family Practice, Walker Street Medical Practice, and Scale My Clinic.


Craig’s coaching and mentoring was extremely well received.
David Bridge
Bridge Project Services
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Craig’s support and guidance is very much appreciated
Dr Ono Alex-Ohunyon
Walker St General Practice, Bowral
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Craig was great in bringing a perfect combination of pragmatic tools and solutions
Mark Zanon
Managing Director
Capital Consult
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Craig is extremely professional and challenged the team on a range of issues
Brian Willett
Fincare Accounting
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Leading a Civil Construction JV can be very challenging, the program helped me focus on the things that really matter and have a significant impact on our success
Brad Binns
Program Director
Seymour Whyte
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Anna has done a remarkable job of helping me become a better leader.
Steve Nichols
General Manager IT Services Enterprise
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Anna had a great impact on me from the very first session.
Ajay Manchandani
NBN Systems Engineering & Operations
Service Portfolio Manager
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Craig has been an invaluable asset to me, my team and my business.
Ryan Cummings
Managing Director
Whale Logisitics
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Anna is high energy, very insightful, and has a superb manner
Kathleen Mackay
General Manager
Project Delivery
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Craig helped me raise the bar of what I thought was achievable as a business owner both professionally and personally.
Tony Foreshew
Managing Director / Owner
Foreshew Strata
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