Tony Foreshew

Managing Director / Owner Foreshew Strata

Even though I have been working professionally for more than 20-years, Craig Morris from Leadership Creativity has been the first business coach that I have worked with. After one year with Craig, my attitude and approach to my business operations shifted 180 degrees. Craig guided me through the principles of what I wanted to achieve and helped me define new targets and raised the bar of what I thought was achievable as a business owner both professionally and personally.

During this time Craig has assisted and guided me through unprecedented growth of our business, managing staff/teams and pushing me to help the business achieve operational efficiency and continued growth. At the start of our program I had many tasks and goals to achieve and with Craig’s guidance consistently challenging me, we are on track to achieve 95% of those goals in less time than originally planned.

I cannot recommend Craig and the team at Leadership Creativity highly enough to achieve your own your business goals, your vision and personal goals.