Ajay Manchandani

NBN Systems Engineering & Operations Service Portfolio Manager

Anna Saunders to me is a coach, mentor and now a friend for life. I met Anna a couple of years ago and from the beginning I looked up to her from both a professional and personal perspective. I am someone who had never had a formal coach and felt I didn’t need one. I was so wrong. Anna formally started coaching me last year and had a great impact on me from the very first session.

Anna helped me identify my limiting beliefs and how to turn them into positive ones. Some of those beliefs have been there my whole life and I only realised through her coaching that they define the way I react to situations. I am now far more aware of the existence of these beliefs and with techniques learnt from Anna, I have been able to turn them into more resourceful ones.

I use various techniques that I learned from the sessions almost every day. It brings my mind and body to their most resourceful state even in difficult and stressful situations.