Ryan Cummings

Managing Director Whale Logisitics

My business provides logistics services to importers and exporters. When I first met Craig, my business had achieved triple digit growth year on year since 2015. Our growth was achieved through belief and passion of our people and the very passion and belief that achieved our growth was also causing high amounts of stress within myself and my leadership team. It was affecting the quality of life that I had hoped to achieve by starting my own business.

Craig quickly understood what we were looking for and designed a solution to support us.

Since working with Craig I have become a better business owner, leader, colleague, husband and father. I have learned how important it is to be in the moment and treat every situation without bias and be grateful for my achievements and what I have and to use my failures as a source of learning and growth. Since working with my leadership team our business has continued to grow, our employee engagement has risen to over 82%, company culture at 85% and employee loyalty at 88%.

Today, with the help of the Leadership Creativity program my team has driven my business to win awards with the NSW Chamber of Business for 'Business of the year' and 'Excellence in Business', we have been recognised by a regional industry body as 'The Best Logistics Company in Asia' and by a global industry body as 'Employer of the Year'.

Craig improved myself which in-turn improved our business overnight, Craig has been an invaluable asset to me, my team and my business.

If you are looking for support or someone to help you unleash your potential, I highly recommend Craig and Leadership Creativity for coaching, team building and masterclass programs.