Tuan Vu

Corporate Finance Executive

I am blessed, honoured and proud to have had Craig Morris as my coach for the last few months.

I still recall my first ever conversation with Craig about the process. I'd told him I've tried seeking all sorts of counselling for many years, all of which had failed me. I've battled with my demons all my life, since I was 7 years old. I am now 41 years old. I have succeeded a lot in life, I'm a father to a beautiful 10 year old son. In my chosen career, I am a Finance Executive. But I live with my demons, I was still unhappy.

And so naturally I was somewhat pessimistic. I told Craig he had a big task and challenge on hands. And really, he was my last resort, my last hope. I was convinced that if he couldn't help me, no one can. I truly believe Craig was sent to me for a reason. And in this first hour of getting to know each other, Craig got me to open up and tell him a little about myself and what I wanted to achieve. In return he told me about the work that he does as a coach.

The first couple of weeks was tough but necessary. Craig had me open up and accept who I am and to let go of my past. He helped me realize that the negative beliefs I was holding onto no longer served me. They do not define me and that I was limitless in my potential to succeed in becoming a fulfilled and happy person.

His words of encouragement echoes in my mind at my most trialing and troubling times. Craig's commitment was not only limited to our weekly sessions. I've often said to Craig that he somehow knows when I've needed support. Often at times when I have been troubled, I would miraculously receive a email or a text sometimes even a call from Craig to check in on me and encourage me to forge ahead. It was like he was in my head and heart and somehow knew of my thoughts and how I was feeling each time. Craig has been there for me each time I've needed him. He was only a phone call away and always happy and willing to listen and provide encouragement.

I often felt like I was a amateur boxer going in for the fight of my life. And Craig would always remind me that what I put in I get out. But it is always reassuring to know that if I look back in my corner Craig was there, telling me to "get up, get up and fight. The bell hasn't rung, the fight is not over. You only ever fail if you give up".

So to this day I continue the fight, equipped with the life's lessons that Craig has taught me. His voice has etched words in my mind as loud and clear as he had spoken them. I continue to seek life.

I owe a great deal to Craig for his encouragement, his inspiration, his unwavering commitment and belief in me. He has been able to turn my life around. I can honestly say, Craig has literally saved my life and I continue to fight. When this is the case, there is not one thing I could do to ever repay him but to be grateful, feel blessed and honoured to have Craig in my life, in my corner, my coach.